lynneprofieStand up and speak was formed by Lynne Cantor in 2011 having spent several years networking to promote her image business for men and women.  It was during this time that Lynne realised that the majority of people were too scared to stand up and speak to promote their own businesses even for one minute.  What started out as sharing some tips and tricks soon became a full blown business to help people confidently present themselves whatever the occasion.  Lynne was a former international executive and many years ago learnt the tricks of the trade to speak and present with confidence which included nerve control and effective verbal and non verbal communication.

Lynne is an internationally experienced speaker and has spoken and presented all around the world. Her more recent speaking achievements include: the 2012/13 UK and Ireland speaking champion and as twice London winner in 2011 and 2012.

Directed by Lynne, Stand up and speak inspires and helps people of all ages to have the confidence to stand up and speak whatever the occasion.

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